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PF Mentored Youth Hunt Safety Day

PF Mentored Youth Hunt Safety Day

Date(s): Sunday, September 27, 2015
Hours: 1:00 PM
Event: PF Mentored Youth Hunt Safety Day

There were dozens of studious face at the Fox Township Sportsmens Club Sunday, September 27, 2015.  It’s the annual mandatory Safety Day leading up to the Pheasants Forever Mentored Youth Hunts in October.  Craig Barr, Tim Rowan and John Biledeau took turns grilling the 12-16 year olds about hunter safety, specifically hunting birds with dogs.

Four youth won shot guns sponsored by North Central PA Pheasants Forever – Katerra Runyan, Kaitlyn Draa, Ian Koehler and Alex Stantz.  New this year was a small mountain of pizza served up by Don’s Pizza. 

Craig Barr was under pressure again since he demonstrated with 3 different dogs handers, how flushers and pointer hunt and how birds flush.  He had two great opportunities to show how a ‘No Bird’ situation occurs when the bird flushes in an unsafe direction.  The dogs received an A+.

The youth spent well over an hour on the trap field receiving instruction on their gun and wing shooting.  Practice make perfect so hit the trap field any chance you get.  The dog will thank you later.

It important to note that each youth attended this event along with an adult who will also accompany then on their hunt either on October 10th or 17th.  It’s a learning experience for them as well.

Were you one of the youth at the Safety Day?  Here are a few things to remember when you attend the actual hunt -

.  Dress in layers and for all weather.  Wear your new orange hats and an orange vest or coat.

.  Pay special attention to your foot gear.  Be prepared to walk.  The dogs won’t care if it rains or snow, either way, the hunt is on.

.  Be courteous to everyone and be sure to thank the volunteers and especially the dog handlers.

.  Leave you guns in the car until you are headed out for your hunt.

.  Your dog handler is the boss.  Listen and respect their knowledge and decisions.

.  Enjoy the free lunch served by PF volunteers.

.  Have fun! 

Did you miss out on the 2015 Pheasants Forever Mentored Youth Hunt?  If you have a junior license and have a dog or a friend with a dog, you can head out to the PA Game Lands and hunt birds without PF.  Or, if you are under 11-15, you can catch us in 2016.


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