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PF Mentored Youth Pheasant Hunt

PF Mentored Youth Pheasant Hunt

Date(s): Saturday, October 17, 2015
Hours: 7:00 AM
Event: PF Mentored Youth Pheasant Hunt

Pictured are just two of the happy young pheasants hunters participating in the North Central PA Pheasants Forever Mentored Youth Hunt.

October was again a busy time for North Central PA Pheasants Forever as they held two Mentored Youth Pheasant Hunts on PA Game Lands #44.  Ninety-seven youth took to the fields, many for their first time hunting with a dog.  The dog handler and parent or guardian rounded out the foursome.  Of course, Moms, Dads, Uncles and Grandpas were all welcome.


One youth summed it up this way, ‘Wow!’  He was more than a little excited to harvest a beautiful pheasant.  His plans were to have the bird for dinner that evening so he also learned how safely and easily remove the meat.  Recipes were shared.

Chris Lavella lamented that this was his last year at the event with a junior license.  He and his twin, Cory, along with their Dad, Ed, have attended all 4 years they were eligible.  Chris harvested 7 birds total over the years.  He hopes to return in the future as a volunteer.  More than a few of our youth have obtained dogs of their owned, worked to train together and then return as dog handlers, sell 50/50 or cook lunch.

It’s not just about the hunting.  This is a great day in the field where we hope to impart the love of the sport but also respect for wildlife, the importance of habitat, share the love for the hard working dogs and much more.

Tom Rowan, PH Youth Coordinator provided this report -  ‘The safety, sportsmanship and respect of the sport you exhibited was awesome.  I received very positive comments from the PGC representatives on the condition of the area after each event.  Other than a little mud that was churned up in the main parking lot you wouldn’t have known we were there.

We had 53 participants registered, with one no show for the hunt on October 10th.  What a beautiful day.  There were a total of 49 birds harvested, including 24 roosters and 25 hens.

The weather was a huge factor for the hunt on the 17th, yuck.  There were 49 registered hunters with four no shows.  There were a total of 27 birds harvested, 14 roosters (including a banded bird) and 13 hens. 

I’m confident the handlers and dogs did their very best for each of you, without their help these events would not be possible.’

There are just too many people to thank for contributing their time and resources to this event but we couldn’t do it without you, year after year.  The hot food and cookies sure were appreciated.

Mike Himes’ 3-legged dog is a great hunter and an inspiration – but that’s a story for next month.

All of the photos from both hunting days can be found on our web site and Facebook page.  

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Tim Rowan
Phone: (814) 715-2754
Available: 5pm-8pm

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PA Game Lands #44
Shawmut PA (Map Location)

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