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PF Mentored Pheasant Hunt #2 2017

Date(s): Oct 14 - 14, 2017
Hours: 7:00 AM
Event: PF Mentored Pheasant Hunt #2 2017

Yup! Time to round up some new, young hunters!

The web site it ready to accept applications for the North Central PA Pheasants Forever Mentored Youth Pheasant Hunt. 

Our volunteers will hook you up with a dog and dog handler to hunt pheasants for 2 hours on PA SGL #4 near Shawmut, PA. And these are some of the BEST bird dogs in PA!

Kids must be junior hunters and come with an adult. And there will be a free lunch. And everyone has a great time, even those who don't land a bird.

Two Saturdays available - 
2. October 14, 2017 sign up here -

ATTENDANCE AT THE SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 SAFETY DAY IS REQUIRED! Three hours of lecture, dog demonstration and practice on the trap field at Fox Township Sportsmen's Club. No exceptions and no excuses!

Event Questions?

Tim Rowan
Phone: 814-715-2754
Available: 5-8pm

Host Location

PA Game Lands #44
Shawmut, PA (Map Location)

Host: PA Game Commission