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Chapter News - October 06, 2012

PGC Work Day 2012

PGC Work Day 2012

Date: Saturday, October 06, 2012


Volunteers from the Clarion Walmart were on hand to help the PGC and PF plant trees on PA Game Lands #44 in Shawmut.

It would have been easy to just stay in bed. It had rained all night and the morning was overcast. Lucky for us that over 30 volunteers showed at up PA Game Lands #44 in Shawmut, PA to help with the Fourth Annual PA Game Commission and Pheasants Forever Work Day.

John Dzemyan and his crew helped to organize into 2 groups. One group armed with chainsaws, chaps and eye and ear protection headed off to top evergreens. Cutting the tops off the evergreens encourages them to grow out, not up. This will provide better long term cover for wildlife. The tops are dragged into piles for immediate use by birds, rabbits and other small animals. "When I think of game lands in Elk County I think of trees," stated PGC Land Manager Dzemyan. "This old strip mine will be managed for small game." About 500 trees in total were topped.

Group two was armed with dibbles, digging bars and shovels. Their job was to plant the seedlings provided by the PA game commission. The seedlings are small but have a good chance of taking off if we have a wet spring. Everyone was trained in the proper use of each tool and worked in small groups covering the hillsides.

The volunteers planted about 1800 seedlings including 600 aspen, 400 white spruce, 500 crabapples, 300 button bush and red dogwood.

Lunch was sponsored by Pheasants Forever of North Central PA. The hot dogs, sloppy joes and peanut butter fudge sure hit the spot after a few hours of work in the fresh air.

Turned out the weather was perfect for planting and topping trees to improve the habitat on the game lands.

Pheasants Forever would also like to announce the winner of the gun / cash / bird hunt was Rosa Aiello. Rosa pick the $500 cash prize after winning the March 25th drawing. The dedication of the volunteers who organized tables at the Ridgway Chainsaw Rendevous and the Center County Outdoor Show in Clearfield educated the public on the work of Pheasant Forever while selling tickets. Thank you to everyone to bought and sold tickets for our habitat and youth programs.