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Chapter News - October 09, 2010

Youth Hunt 2010

Youth Hunt 2010

Date: Saturday, October 09, 2010


Youth hunter with his Dad, dog handler and highly trained pointer. This youth was lucky enough to harvest a male pheasant called a rooster.

The day started cool with a beautiful sunrise as the early risers waited to start the local Pheasants Forever Chapter 630 Ninth Annual 2010 Youth Mentored Pheasant Hunt held on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

This event gets bigger and better each year due to help and donations from our partners, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Fox Township Sportsmen, Pepsi of St. Marys, Wal-Mart of St. Marys and Country Fair of St. Marys. Al and Bonnie Dempsey donated and served a nice lunch to all involved. An anonymous donor paid for all of the chukar birds that were hunted on property owned by Jason Swanson of Kersey.

Each of these 36 youth participated in the Fox Township Sportsmen Safety Day. They heard lectures on hunting ethics and safety as well as a demonstration of pointing and flushing hunting dogs. Fox Township Sportsmen have many great opportunities for kids. The lucky youth were Tony Anders, Michael Beimel, Luke Bobby, Jasmine Carlson, Troy Caskey, Matthew Charters, Michael Covac, Quinn Cunningham, Raymond Dent, Hunter Fantechi, Cody Fye, Ben Harlan, Kyle Huff, Richard Johnson, Ray Kline, Christopher Lavella, Cory Lavella, Cory Lenox, Jarrod Lipsey, Nathan Mattivi, Cody McClintick, Luke Pierce, Nick Quigliani, Scott Reichard, Kyle Richard, Mary Rossman, Zachary Schatz, Adam Schauer, Holly Shields, Tommy Shields, Derek Smith, Dylan Smith, Ben Troy, Nick Trunzo, Casey Wolfe and Joshua Zelinski.

Two lucky kids won shotguns donated by the club. The winners for the Remington 870 20 gauge shotguns were Michael Covac and Nathan Mattivi.

Mike Covac gun winner 2010 Nathan Mattivi gun winner 2010

This was the second year the youth hunt was held at the new PA State Game Lands on Kyler Road near Dagus Mines. The extra space helps ensure a safer hunt. Everyone put on a few miles on their boots. The day warmed up fast and made it tough, dry hunting for the dogs. The youth harvested a total of 34 pheasants and 18 chukkars. But it's about more than taking birds. "I would say that the day was about cooperation, friendship, sharing, respect for the out of doors, love of dogs, and insights into conservation much more than the harvest of pheasants or chukkars," comment Leon Blashock, the Pheasant Forever Youth Hunt Coordinator.

The biggest thanks of the day go to the dogs and dog handlers. Many are repeat dog handlers from the past that come back each year because this event is so much fun for everyone. Years of breeding, training and experience teaches these dogs to love tracking and retrieving birds and we thank them all.

Tim Rowan 2010

Very special thanks to Leon Blashock who spent countless hours coordinating this event. Since the beginning of this annual event, Pheasants Forever Chapter 630 has mentored 390 kids, boys and girls alike in this hunting experience.