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North Central PA Pheasants Forever 630 - Youth Page

North Central PA Pheasants Forever 630 - Youth Page

2017 PF Youth Outdoor Event Looking for Fun Kids!

We need your help! We need qualified handicap and challenged youth from Elk County and all surrounding counties to complete an application to participate. This year’s event is schedule in East Brady on September 15-17, 2017. Pheasants Forever is experience in handling any number of physical limitations. We will work with the families to provide a safe and fun event geared toward the wishes of the youth. We include the family for the weekend to join with our extended family.

Jane Bryndel can be reached for more information and applications at

Please read these highlights from the 2016 PFYO Event - Brantley Greene is the cutest kid! He’s a little guy and unsteady on his feet but never fails to draw a smile. He couldn’t wait to give his younger sister, Oakleigh, a ride on his new electric UTV. He really lights up when his Dad and Uncle Norm take him for a ride on the real UTVs. Mom, Monica, is happy to see everyone enjoying the day.

McKenzie Hutchinson looks older than 10 and is looking to gain independence. Her new seizure service dog, Alena, will help her at school and even at home instead of the full time presence of her parents, Hutch and Amber. McKenzie’s has a huge smile as she trots the horses around the arena at Double D Farm. Her older brother, Elijah, is happiest in the UTV.

Both of these kids have already had a lifetime of doctor visits. Only families of kids with a serious illness can relate. Brantley’s Grandma, Melissa, gets a tear when she tells me how important it was to spend some time with a family also struggling with doctors, appointments, limitations and stress that many people never face.

These are the two latest kids and families to attend the North Central PA Pheasants Forever Youth Outdoor event. This event was started in 2010 to take handicapped and seriously challenged kids on outdoor adventures. They join the 12 previous families in our scrap book.

This year’s event was held at the St. Marys Sportsmen’s Lodge. The weekend was packed front to back with activities. It was obvious the kids loved the horses at Double D Farm with Dave and Diane Gillen. The handlers helped all the kids get used to the tall horses. The kids gain confidence as they maneuver the big animals.

The UTV rides are always a big hit with kids. No one minds the cool evening air as they geocache for hidden gifts.

Bird hunting was full of laughter, even as someone misses the first shot. The dogs are always the heroes. We take a break at the lodge to visit the Elk County Youth Field Day and watch the PA Game Commission process and tag a male black bear.

Olay’s pond was a busy place as everyone grabs a fishing pole and catches sunfish and bass. The row boat and kayaks were also busy. Someone has provided us with a beautiful fall day and we are grateful!

Mary Jo Schneider was Head Chef for most of the weekend but takes a break as the Saturday evening meal is catered. There is never an excuse for being hungry, especially with dozens and dozens of Mary Jo’s cinnamon rolls. Five of our previous PF kids came to dinner to keep in touch – Austin, Emily, Reese, Travis and Courtney.

Sunday is a day full of chatter and laughing as we shoot more clay birds and hunt up some real birds. Both families were presented with a scrapbook full of the weekend memories put together by Emily Schneider and her Mom. Emily was one of the first PF Youth Outdoor kids and now enjoys helping at PF events. Making memories!

North Central PA Pheasants Forever is happy to welcome Brantley Greene and McKenzie Hutchinson to our growing PF family! We would like to thank all of our donors, volunteers and everyone who attends our banquet or buys a raffle tickets.

A picture is worth a thousand words so please visit our website and Facebook page to see more memories in the making –

Past PFYO Events PFYO Application

Youth Outdoor Fund

Youth Outdoor Fund

In 2010 Pheasants Forever Chapter 630 established a fund at the Elk County Community Foundation. This new fund will be used to support the work of the Chapters new Youth Outdoor Committee. The Pheasants Forever Chapter 630 Youth Outdoor Committee provides a safe and quality outdoor oriented adventure for youth with a life-threatening illness or a severely limiting physical condition. The adventure may include various hunting, fishing, or other suitable and available outdoor event or activity. Candidates will be selected from Elk and surrounding counties.  Since 2011, #630 has taken 2-3 youth and their families each fall on outdoor adventures.  We are heloing to change people lives!

Anyone may donate to this fund to help us reach our goal of $100,000. Send check to the Elk County Community Foundation FBO PF Youth Outdoor Fund, PO BOX 934, St. Marys, PA 15857. Contact Jane Bryndel for more information at

The Elk County Community Foundation connects people who care with causes that matter. For the Pheasant Forever Chapter their cause is youth who love the out of doors but for what ever reason the out of doors opportunities are limited to them. To learn more about establishing a fund or how anyone can support the good works the many organizations in the community contact Paula Fritz Eddy at the Elk County Community Foundation office by calling at 834-2125 or contacting them through their website at

Elk County Community Foundation

PGC Hunter - Trapper Education

PGC Hunter - Trapper Education

While we all like to have fun in the field and chase pheasants for miles, safety is one of the most important aspects. We promote and encourage hunter safety in the field. Through these classes and education we show both youth and adults the proper ways to hold, maneuver and proper gun care. Getting those who are not familiar with a gun, comfortable with handling their firearm so that they can enjoy their hunts successfully. For more information when or where our hunting safety classes can be found, please follow the links below.


ALL youth who are attending our fall PF Mentored Youth Pheasant Hunt MUST attend a safety class!  No exceptions!

You don't have the Hunter - Trapper Certification?!

Get on the PA Game Commission web site and find a class near you!



PGC Registration

Annual Youth Mentor Pheasant Hunt

Annual Youth Mentor Pheasant Hunt

REGISTRATION IS OPEN - from August 1 - mid-September 2017 - all participants must register on the PF Game Commission web site.  Space is limited to 65 youth per week!  All youth MUST attend the Safety Day, Sunday, September 24, 2017!

October 7, 2017, Saturday - first Pheasants Forever Mentored Youth Pheasant Hunt -

October 14, 2017, Saturday - second Pheasants Forever Mentored Youth Pheasant Hunt - 

Pheasants Forever mentored pheasant hunts are the ideal way to introduce kids and teens to hunting, as experienced volunteer hunters from Pheasants Forever coach youth on the importance of firearm safety, wildlife habitat and hunting technique.


Mentored Youth hunts follow the PA Game Commission fall schedule.




Youth Outdoor PFYO program

Youth Outdoor PFYO program

It all started with a dream to take local terminally ill or permanently disabled youth on outdoor adventures! Since 2009, our local Pheasants Forever Chapter 630 has been raising funds to create an endowment for assisting in this dream.

Past PFYO Events